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Carnival Day Reminders


The big day is almost here! Are your skaters excited? We sure are.

Show day will be hectic, so here are some points to help things go smoothly.

  • All skaters should be at the arena no later than 12:30. This is to give you time to find your child’s skating time, leave gear in the dressing room, and get them into costume.
  • Dressing rooms will be clearly labelled with group name, song name, and skater names.

Please do not move change rooms (for example to keep siblings together).

  • Parents are responsible for dressing their child(ren) in required costumes and skating gear.  
  • There will be a parent in each room during the show to assist groups on and off the ice.  Parents do not need to remain backstage. The best view of the performances is from the stands.
  • Act 1 skaters are to be in costume with skates on by 12:45. They may take off skates/helmets at intermission and sit with family, but will be called back for finale. Parents are to re‐dress skaters.
  • Act 2 skaters are to go backstage at the beginning of intermission. Parents should have them dressed and ready BEFORE intermission ends. These skaters will remain in costumes/gear for the finale.
  • Costumes that have been provided by the club are not to be taken home. There will be a table set up backstage to pickup/deposit costumes. Please return any costumes that have been borrowed.
  • We encourage the children to dress for their parts but please be mindful of pieces that may fall off costumes. Beads, feathers, bobby pins, jewelry etc that fall on the ice can be a hazard for skaters, especially at the higher levels.
  • Glenda Gray will be taking pictures of the show. She will be setting up an on‐line account for viewing proofs. There will be more information on show day.
  • The club will be providing coffee, juice, and doughnuts for the audience. We encourage parents to bring a snack for the refreshment table as well (similar to the Halloween and Christmas parties).
  • While there will be snacks at the rink, please make sure your child has eaten a good lunch.  There will be stand‐by time and we all know that little ones with empty bellies don’t like to wait.
  • We understand life happens. If you are unable to attend or will be late, please call, text, or email Erin so we can make changes to the program if required.


The club has been working hard and we’re proud of all that the skaters have accomplished.

This is their time to shine and show off for family and friends.

If you have any questions about carnival, costumes, or volunteer duties, please contact

Erin at 780‐519-7104 or

Oh, and one last thing….enjoy!