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Author Bree Price:

We have some additional information (emergency contact, health care number) that needs to be added to your skater’s confidential file on our website, Please update this as soon as possible by following these instructions:

1. Login.

2. Click My Account.

3. Click My  Participants on the left side.

4. Click the participant's name.

5. Fill in required fields.


Remaining Volunteer Positions still Available

  • Carnival Announcer 1 position
  • Costume Prep 2 positions
  • Rink Decorating-Carnival 1 position
  • Ice Captain-Carnival 1 position
  • Music/Sound Technician-Carnival 1 position
  • Picture Day Coordinator 1 position
  • Casino Worker 1 position

I believe there are still a few families that haven’t signed up yet. To those who have not fulfilled their Volunteer Requirement, cheques will be cashed. If you haven’t yet please take the time to do so. If each family has already signed up for a position these positions will be open to anyone families interested in filling additional positions.


Volunteer Coordinator


Fundraising Update


After reviewing the fundraising survey results, the skating board has decided to go ahead this fall with the Mom's Pantry and raffle ticket (50/50) fundraisers. The Mom's Pantry fundraiser is optional, and will run from (today) November 2nd until November 16th. Product delivery will be (hopefully) December 7th. More information on pick up date to follow.

Forms are available tonight at regular skating times at the multiplex.

Online ordering is also available. Sellers will need to create their own login at and use the information received in the email version of the newsletter, to place their orders.

Key Mom's Pantry dates are:

November 2nd: Mom's Pantry fundraiser opens. Forms can be picked up at skating times.

November 16th: Mom's Pantry fundraiser closes. All orders and payment must be received by Angie on or before this date.

December 7th: (tentative date) Product delivery. (Pending Mom's Pantry shipping/delivery availability.)

The 50/50 raffle sale dates will be announced shortly; we are still awaiting the ticket printing and AGLC approval. Further information will be provided as it becomes available. This will be a required fundraiser for all Athabasca Skating Club members.

For any questions about fundraising, please contact Angie Missler on our website


 Upcoming events:

Star Skaters and Jump Start Skaters: We will be having a jump clinic on November 27th at 9:30 am. Please register on our website if you are able to attend.